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EPDM Rubber

It possesses many traits that are characteristic of conventional elastomers, such as tear resistance, a high tensile strength, and a low compression set, however the unique property of EPDM is found in its ability to resist degradation resulting from weathering agents like UV rays and ozone. In addition to this, it is also very resistant to polar substances and steam

Large temperature range: The temperature range of EPDM goes from -51°C to 140°C, making it an ideal choice where extremes of temperature are involved.

Resistant to steam: As well as being suitable for high temperature applications, EPDM is resistant to steam and is proven to retain its integrity even during extended exposure.

Environmentally stable: Sunlight and UV does not affect EPDM negatively, so it’s a choice that will be appropriate in outdoor applications.

Resistant to some chemicals: EPDM will resist dilute acids, ketones and alkalis. However, it should not be used where it will come into contact with solvents or aromatic hydrocarbons.

Abrasion resistance: Its durability is one of the properties which sets EPDM apart. Both abrasion resistance and tear resistance are good to excellent, making it suitable for dynamic applications.